A Family Affair

“A Family Affair” can be used in the classroom or workshops, to explore Cretan music, Greek society, culture and language. It is a powerful document of this vibrant music, but also of how tradition is passed on from one generation to another.

We intend to run an outreach campaign to make Cretan music known to a broader international audience. Since we started this project, we have seen immense interest across the world, by individuals, associations, music and dance groups, schools and universities to use the film. We are working with Maria Hnaraki, founding director of Greek Studies at Drexel University and author of "Cretan Music: Unravelling Ariadne’s Thread", to help bring the film and Cretan music to classrooms across the world –especially in communities of the Greek diaspora.

The educationnal guide will be offered free of cost and will help teachers use ‘A Family Affair’, not only to teach Greek but to help students connect with Greek music, poetry, dance and culture. We will also encourage Greek communities in the US, Australia and Europe, to host their own screenings of the film and special events dedicated to Cretan culture.  


A FAMILY AFFAIR Soundtrack and Outreach Campaign

Cinema Premiere in GreeceThe film premieres in Athens on January 8, 2015. Kickstarting the film's soundtrackSupport us to create our soundtrack and outreach campaign "A Family Affair" Kickstarter campaignA FAMILY AFFAIR has been successfully funded on Kickstarter! "A Family Affair" at “Docs in Progress” A FAMILY AFFAIR participated at the “Docs in Progress” during the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.