A Family Affair
Director’s Note

I first met Psarogiorgis and the famous Xylouris clan three years ago, while making a documentary about Greek rock legend Yiannis Angelakas. I was filming in a shepherd’s stone in the mountains of Crete, where Psarogiorgis and his sons were playing around the fire.  I was taken aback by the luminous energy of the family, the strong ties connecting father and sons, but also by an incredibly beautiful musical tradition.  

I gradually became more and more taken by the Xylouris Family and their music. What also struck me, was to learn that Psarantonis didn’t teach Psarogiorgis and his siblings to play music. It was expected that they learn and perform, from a very early age, without the help of their father. I witnessed the same process and unwritten rules of Cretan music, with Psariogioris and his three singularly gifted children.

I want to explore how this unique family relates to the inherited traditions of its birthplace, but also how this uniquely vibrant and original music resonates with an audience across the world today, particularly in the current times of social and economic turbulence.

Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
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